Dear Dr. Miller,

"Thank you so much for enhancing my smile. I thought about getting it done for so long, and I couldn't be happier that I did it. Also, thank you for putting my mind at ease before the procedure. You took away my worries and before I knew it the surgery was over. Thanks for giving me a bigger and whiter smile!"

Kind Regards,

Karen (Boston, MA)

"I wasn't nervous when I walked into the office, but when I sat in the chair my palms began to sweat.
Dr.Miller and his assistant reasssured me that I would feel nothing and asked if I would like to
listen to some music.(He has a great selection of CD's!).

I put on the headphones and never felt a thing. Dr. Miller and his assistant let me know that things
were going well, were reassuring and so supportive.

Then... it was done! No pain, all gain. The wonders of a great practitioner
and the advances in dentistry! Amazing!"

Susan (Middleton, MA)

Dear Dr.Miller:

"I would like to take this time to compliment you and your excellent staff. I would imagine it is
very difficult to find someone who would say that going to the dentist is enjoyable, but your
office makes what is evil, in my opinion, actually enjoyable!

People naturally come to your office apprehensive and yet your staff greets them warmly. I have come to your
office many times and everyone is always upbeat, genuinely warm and funny -- even the music is that way.

Your gentle respectful treatment and professionalism was greatly appreciated as well. Going through gum
surgery and the removal of a tooth could have been a nightmare experience but it was not because
you took the time and have the skill to make it almost pleasurable.

This is the first time that I have ever written to a dentist to say thank you. I want to let others know that
you and your staff are truly exceptional people in a very difficult profession and a credit to it."

Very truly yours,

Patricia (Newburyport, MA)

Dr. Miller:

"Your specialized dental services have allowed me to gain back a strong and healthy smile for which
I am truly greatful."

Jane (Merrimack, NH)

Dear Dr.Miller,

" I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to you and your staff for the professional, outstanding care
I received in your office last week. I appreciate the time you spent providing a thorough explanation of the
procedure in easy-to-understand terminology. Your gentle manner and kind words put me right at ease. Thank you all.

I wish you health and happiness in the future.


Chris (Westfield, MA)

Dear Dr.Miller,

"May I have a few minutes of your time to say thank you to you and your staff for listening
to my problems? I am an older person, and in this day & age this is very rare! You have not seen
the last of me!"

Thank you again,

Wilma (Danvers, MA)